Fasciae: documentary on precious allies of our organism:

Always amazed by the beauty and intelligence of the human body in all its dimensions (physical-mental-psychic), I am eager to share with you this fascinating documentary on fasciae, these ‘hidden and precious allies of our body we meet at each session in MLC ©

See here : https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/070788-000-A/les-allies-caches-de-notre-organisme/

Focus on our fascia tissue, which surrounds the following elements of our body at the same time in a dense and irregular manner like a bandage: our organs, our muscles, our bones. This underrated and nevertheless vital organ is attracting increasing interest and hope among medical researchers.

It has been more than thirty years since fascia therapy first appeared in the West as alternative medicine, but until recently it was in the discretion of its practitioners and patients to explore a largely ignored continent of the general public. For the past ten years, the fascia tissue, which surrounds, in the manner of a bandage that is both dense and irregular, the elements composing our body (our organs, our muscles, our bones), mobilizes an increasing number of searches. Still largely mysterious for science, this gigantic network of whitish fibers, which connects all these parts and, above all, allows them to function together, begins to reveal some of its powers thanks to the studies of several pioneers interviewed here, anatomists and doctors, especially.

Visible on ultrasound, sensitive to acupuncture and manual pressure, easily damaged by stress and physical inaction, fascia could indeed be the unknown origin of many diseases, including back pain (chronic or not). The deepening of the knowledge in the matter is thus likely to open new therapeutic tracks including in the fight against cancer. From Harvard to Padua, via Mannheim and Heidelberg, this fascinating survey summarizes what science today knows about this vital connective tissue and what it hopes for.