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Félicie Martin

Certified Coach & Practitioner in MLC©


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My body told me “you are strong”


After receiving a news that had shaken me quite a bit, I spent the entire weekend wondering how I would handle the situation. On Monday morning, I felt quite fragile at the perspective of going to work, not knowing whether I would be able to let my personal problems aside. I then decided to practice some MLC movements , for relaxation, and chose simply one tool I liked. Right after these exercises, I remained up on my feet, eyes closed. To my great surprise, I had a perfect balance. I felt like a solid block of lead. The contrast with my previous and fragile feeling of loosing feet was quite stunning. My body now told me “you are solid” and the message was so clear that I felt a lot of strength within me. I immediately regained confidence. Looking back, I realize now that my body was right and that this difficult event is history now for me. I am happy to have lived that experience and to be able to share it now.

Meeting with myself…..

Dominique Wuidart

To free my agenda just to meet with myself? Evacuate stress and anguish by releasing my protections, cuirasses? No thanks! I would rather go and play some intense Squash for that purpose? And that was the start of an unlikely and beautiful adventure that has brought a totally new dimension to me, far beyond my system of beliefs and my imagination. I never thought I could hold more than 10 seconds without moving on a carpet while focusing on breathing! I never imagined that making “micro” movements releases so much energy. And yet … week in week out, I see a clear improvement in the management of my emotions and an increase in self-confidence that contribute significantly to the quality of my well-being in my daily life. Amazing Félicie, who guides me through the process with extraordinary listening skills, intelligence and kindness”. Thanks to you ! … and thanks also to Nadine for “pulling” me by the hand that day into the discovery session


Raphaëlle Bouvier 

MLC? What’s more to it than gym exercises on a carpet with a few balls?
Two and a half years ago, a little skeptical, I wanted to test this method with a slightly excessive and barbaric name. I was quickly seduced by the concept, and over the course of the sessions, I became an addict.
More than any “technique” of gymnastics, relaxation or meditation experienced before, this method really allows me to discover myself, to learn how to listen to my body, in a process of discovery and inner dialogue constantly renewed. During the sessions, Félicie’s guidance and the exercises with the tools help me stay focused. It’s a source of both real relaxation and deep physical exercise.

Here's how I see my experience with the MLC:

Marie-Noëlle Jallet

Imagine that you scan your body from head to toes; it takes three months, one session per week, but in the end most of the hang-ups would have been identified and you come out relaxed, we could even say loosened.
After that you can continue at home with some exercises, those that are most beneficial to you. It’s a great way to reconnect with your body, but not only, in fact it’s also a way to start working on yourself, without going through a psychological review of which we are often afraid!

Thank you Félicie !

Eric Morel 

I would like to thank Félicie for her coaching during my year in mission. It was a real help for me while facing various professional challenges. The whole process helped me stay aligned with my inner values and dreams and accept me the way I am. Thanks also to her guidance in MLC© (Method to Liberate the Cuirasses), I have been able to let go and take the appropriate distance. Her work has been precious to me at both professional and personal levels.

In the daily turmoil….

Aurélie Poinsot 

Thanks to the weekly MLC sessions, I have found a great way to relax and connect to my feelings within the daily turmoil. The kind and discrete guidance of Félicie have allowed me to find an alignment of body and mind, the right distance and letting go to which I get access for the first time….thanks !

The start of an internal reconciliation

Nadia Hidali

An experience that has not left me. That has helped me become autonomous in taking care of myself. It is a profound and intimate encounter with oneself. It is the start of an internal reconciliation. It is also an encounter with the other in what is at times not very confortable to finally learn to tame oneself in front of the other who is actually no one else but our own other. All this in the discrete den and in the presence full of love, tenderness and joy that Félicie offers like an angel. Never have I felt any bit of judgement at her side. With her, there is an instantaneous autorisation to be oneself and to let oneself safely go in our own personal healing process. Thank you!